8 Most Creative Ways to Save Money for Travel

There is always that dream destination that you have been planning for years. Many people never get to realize their dream, and one of the most common reasons is not having the funds for it. What they do not understand is that by making a few lifestyle changes or taking creative steps to raise the money for it, they can finally set foot in the holiday destination they have always wanted. Here are my tips for saving money so you can travel more often to far-flung destinations around the world.

saving money for travel and vacations

Choose Cheaper Travel Destinations

If you’re strapped for cash, maybe the first lesson is to research the cheapest places in the world to travel. There are many countries in the world, which are nowhere near as expensive as at home. Take advantage of low costs and favourable exchange rates to make your travel budget go further while on vacation in a foreign country. This video on YouTube gives a great introduction to some of the cheapest travel destinations on the planet:

Learn To Pamper Yourself

If you study your monthly expenses, there is a big chance that a lot of your money is going to expensive beauty services. Regular hair coloring, waxing or tanning can really add up. But why opt to pay a lot of money to the salon when you can do most of these basic activities yourself? Learn how to apply hair color yourself or just let the sun do the bleaching. While you are it, do your own manicure and save some dollars along the way. Let’s face it, you’ll have to look after yourself while you’re away, so why not start now and save money for your next trip?

Stop Social Spending

While going out to dinner with family or close friends is not bad, trying to keep up with others may be. There is no need to spend so much money competing with others. A perfect social media picture is definitely not worth it if you will have to spend all your money for the month. Dave your pennies, you will need it to experience all those wonderful attractions and restaurants when you are travelling.

Overlook the Brands

When it comes to some items, buying a well-known brand is an investment. However, when it comes to small things like a box of facial tissue, you can opt for a lesser-known brand to save a few cents. Over time, these cents will grow.

Earn Through Your Car

driving for extra travel cash

A good extra job or income is to find someone to share the expenses with you. While you can organize with colleagues to carpool, you can also earn some money on the side as an Uber driver. Even renting it out can give you additional cash.

Reduce Housing Costs

Even as simple as looking at your housing expenses, you can already end up with some savings. For example, disconnecting that cable service you barely use or doing your home improvements yourself. You can also rent out extra rooms in your home through sites like Airbnb.

Free Workouts

Many people waste so much money on that yearly subscription to the gym and stop going after one month altogether. You can also do your exercise at home, looking for some free or cheap workout options or even watching through YouTube. In fact, you might find it even easier to work out at home and maybe you will be more enthusiastic about staying fit. This is not something you can overlook; you will have a much better travel experience on your next vacation or longer trip if you are fit and healthy.

Be Paid To Travel

travel blog writing

This is my favourite one, and something i have been aspiring to for a long time with this travel blog. Some companies actually offer money to ordinary people to travel, especially if they have a good blog and an active social media presence. They benefit by getting good exposure and web traffic from the destinations and subjects you write about in a travel post. You can also join contests that offer vacation money as a prize. You might even find a “job” that requires you to travel like leading tour groups.

Determination is what sets apart those who reach their dream destination and those who do not. After all, saving for travel requires some discipline and sacrifice. But it’s a sacrifice that is well worth the effort. You won’t be disappointed when you are in some exotic location around the globe.

Four Delicacies You Should Try When You Travel to Croatia

Croatian cuisine is not really the kind that will get you readily interested. But if you’re a certified foodie and would love to challenge your taste buds and perhaps even titillate the other senses, then Croatian food is something you really have to try. With a variety of cultures providing distinct influences into every Croatian plate, you’d be treating yourself to a marriage of Turkish, Italian, Hungarian, and Austrian palates. Here are 4 weird yet yummy delicacies you should definitely try whenever you’re in Croatia.

Crni Rizoto

Crni Rizoto is the Croatian version of risotto. The only difference is that instead of the creamy off-white to slightly-yellowish texture you are more familiar with, this Croatian risotto comes in black. Crni Rizoto is made with squid, releasing its infamous black ink into the fluffy rice, and giving it that rich velvety black goodness. Octopus, clams, mussels, and even cuttlefish may also find their way into the dish. It’s definitely a very unique take on a classic recipe. Just make sure to restrain yourself from ever showing your teeth until you get back to your hotel room.


Almost everyone loves lamb, especially those who are on a personal journey to improve their health. Vitalac is nothing more than grilled lamb but is an exceptionally popular meal in the local cuisine. There’s nothing weird with that, right? Well, you see, Vitalac includes the lungs, liver, heart and other internal organs or offal of lamb, grilled on a spit. The grilled lamb offal is then wrapped in the amniotic membrane of lamb – the caul – before being fired again on the spit. The perfectly-grilled caul has a certain bacon-crispiness to it. By the time your teeth sink into the offal, an explosion of flavors will truly reveal themselves. It’s bizarre at best, but a trip to Croatia is never complete without sampling the famous Vitalac on Brac.



While the food is actually not weird, the cooking method is, that is for most other westerners. Peka is a slow-cooked dish that includes vegetables and meat or sometimes even seafood. These are placed inside a cast-iron pan which is then covered with a lid that looks more like a church bell. The covered cast-iron pan is then covered in embers made from an open fire. Over the course of the cooking process, white wine and fresh herbs are typically added for awesome flavor. The heat generated by the embers somehow leaves a very distinct aroma and flavor on the ingredients that you will simply want to discard your oven when you return home.


This is one dish that vegetarians as well as vegans will definitely love. Soparnik is a traditional Croatian flatbread that is easily found in Dalmatia, but mostly concentrated in the region of Poljica. The flatbread is generously filled with roughly chopped Swiss chard and then baked to perfection in a wood-fired oven. Olive oil is drizzled and finely-chopped garlic is sprinkled over the freshly-baked Soparnik before it is cut into beautiful diamond-shaped miniature flatbreads.

Croatian cuisine is definitely not for everyone. But, so is traveling. Getting to know this former Yugoslav republic is best accomplished through the food they serve on a plate.

5 Best Spa Holiday Destinations in the World

Traveling doesn’t always mean visiting tourist attractions. It can also be time away from the hustle and bustle of the city to relax, rejuvenate, and re-align. There has been a huge boost in wellness tourism over the last few decades. This list of the 5 best spa destinations around the world aims to give you an idea of the places you can start looking into if you feel that your life is starting to go haywire.

spa holidays

1. Rancho La Puerta in Baja California, Mexico

Built in 1940, Rancho La Puerta has become the oldest spa in Northern America. Because its location is nowhere near the noise of the city, you will already feel the calming atmosphere surround you as you go deeper into the area. Landscaped pathways filled with different flowers is also a sight for the senses. But the place is not like any other spa. You can call it a boot camp if you may because you will be taking classes, going to talks here and there. Don’t worry, these talks won’t be boring as they give you insight on how to practice better mindsets or exercises that will help you maintain a relaxed state even when you leave the place.

2. Yaan Wellness in Tulum, Mexico

Another one found in Mexico is Yaan Wellness where healing is at its core. Every guest is immersed in the balance of nature as well as man-made creation. The spa director of the place, Bobby Klein, is one of the spa’s selling points because of his enlightening countenance and expertise. You can set a counseling appointment with him where you can ask about anything related to your quest for realignment and rejuvenation. The place is also full of treatment rooms and therapy pools, but if you are the more down-to-earth type, then you will surely enjoy the Bedouin tents.

3. Mandarin Oriental in Bangkok, Thailand

While Bangkok is lined with spas famous for their Thai massages, nothing reaches the standard of the Oriental Spa. The hotel offers 10 treatment rooms with dimmed lights and a full-service massage. New to its menu is the 3-day retreat where guests can choose from spiritual retreats or yogas. To cap off the retreat, guests are also served (if requested) with healthy food where not only the mind relaxes, but also the whole body.

4. Anassa in Latchi, Cyprus

Anassa offers a wide range of spa treatments for a variety of preferences. From massages to five-day programs, people flock to this place because of the expertise and high-quality services Anassa offers. One of the resident physiotherapists here is Vladimir Papakides who is well-known for his “magic” in healing injuries, ailments, and pains. The hotel has garnered a bunch of regulars that go back for his services.

5. Villa Stephanie in Baden-Baden, Germany

What makes Villa Stephanie stand out from the rest and from the typical Zen-like spa, is the innovation that has put into this place. The area was specifically designed to remove any electronic distraction from the people who want to relax. Its walls are lined with signal blockers that block any WiFi connection so that internet or social media addicts can actually spend time relaxing than fussing over their cellphones or laptops. With also a touch of technological sophistication that Germany is famous for, the spa treatment at Villa Stephanie looks into the whole being of the person. It has a private gym with the latest innovations in fitness training and medical experts at the ready to make sure that you are in the most fit you have ever been.

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Asia

Largest among the continents, it is no wonder that Asia houses many of the top travel destinations. Not only do places in Asia satisfy travelers’ eyes, it also gives them an ample taste of the place’s history and culture along with the numerous adventures various places here can offer. There are loads of great travel agents who specialise in organising trips and holidays, so shop around for your next vacation. For some inspiration, listed below are ten travel spots in Asia, in no particular order.

singapore travel in asia


Singapore perfectly exemplifies that balance between maintaining a green space amidst modernity brought about by skyscrapers. Singapore is very remarkable for its diversity in culture. To name some there are Chinese and Indian cultures.

Singapore is a must visit primarily because it is a paradise for shoppers. Apart from this, it has many architectural works of art to boast along with mesmerizing gardens. Travelers may also come and visit for the sole purpose of trying out its magnificent cuisine.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is probably one of the cities wherein the traditional meets pop culture. This is because it has maintained well the ancient temples where travelers can wander but also have downtown Tokyo to offer the classic karaoke bars. Although the city might seem crowded, Tokyo is undeniably a hit district which offers a wide range of food choices like sushi and noodles.

Seoul, South Korea

From Buddhist temples to beautiful skyscrapers, Seoul has got travelers’ backs. One of the famous destination here is the N Seoul Tower, built at the peak within Namsan Park. From there, travelers can indulge in the entire city scene. Aside from the view, visitors will also enjoy not only incredible meals but also great nightlife here.

Bali, Indonesia

You will be surprised at the number and diversity of travelers this well-known paradise accommodates. Bali, Indonesia is famous for its palatial oceanfront resorts. Travelers have also testified about their satisfaction with the spa treatments and incredible cuisine. More than these, Bali has many temples and naturally made tourist spots such as an active volcano in Kintamani.

Hong Kong

Aside from Disneyland, this little island has more offers for tourists. In Hong Kong, visitors will be able to enjoy delicious dim sum, visit its famous floating islands and of course its beautiful skyline.

Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is known for being Thailand’s largest province. For quite sometime it has attracted travelers and has climbed its way on the list of top vacation spots in Asia. Although there are a lot of beaches to choose from, there is a premier beach and resort at Patong Beach. Wonderful and priceless sunsets are some of what these beaches can offer aside from water adventures and coastal restaurants.

Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi, the famous Vietnamese capital, is set apart from other Asian country capitals because the French and Chinese cultural influences are very observable. However, rather than being a mess, Hanoi is a beautiful collage of the influences and the local culture. This city houses majestic lakes, numerous boulevards and over 600 temples and pagodas.

Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto is the place to be in Japan. Aside from being the financial and political capital of the country, Kyoto offers most of the best in Japan because it houses many shrines and temples. In fact, there are 17 of which are UNESCO World Heritage sites in this city.

Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital, is such a beauty surrounded by a valley which shows quite a number of historical attractions of the country. Up to date, there are already seven UNESCO world heritage sites present in this city. Aside from these sites, travelers will be happily entertained as to how the locals are very welcoming.

Beijing, China

Having been China’s capital for a very long time, Beijing shows off many sights which embody the imperial past of the country. More than the Great Wall, temples and city squares, Beijing is also visited because of its bountiful shopping districts. One’s trip to Beijing would not be complete without going to its lively outdoor markets.

Top UK Travel Destinations for Eating Out

Eating out is an essential part of a holiday experience. Some people think dining experiences in the UK are limited but there are exceptional opportunities to sample high quality food and drink. If you think that fish and chips is the only thing that you can eat in the UK and that London is the only place in the country where you can taste excellent food, then you’ve obviously have not heard of the top towns for UK for dining out. If you are traveling to the UK, considering visiting these towns known for their delicious food.


Ludlow, Shropshire

Apart from being a very picturesque town, Ludlow is also known for its love of delicious food. You would be hard-pressed to find a town in the UK that takes food more seriously than this Shrosphire town. The town has its own brewery, several traditional butchers and countless restaurants. The best time to go to Ludlow is September when the whole town celebrates its annual food and drink festival. If you’re in Ludlow don’t forget to visit the Merchant House and La Bécasse.

Padstow, Cornwall

Famous television chef Rick Stein hails from the town of Padstow in Cornwall. He owns popular Seafood Restaurant in the town as well as several food ventures. Stein is actually considered by many as the one who has single-handedly transformed the once sleepy town into a veritable foodie destination. But now many fine eateries are popping up in the town. Families will love the Burgers & Fish Restaurant in Padstow – it’s one of the friendliest and run restaurants in the town. Here in Padstow you will experience the best food in the Cornwall. There are so many great places it’s tricky to choose a favourite Padstow restaurant. But visitors should at least try Ainsworth at No 6, Rojanos Italian and Nathan Outlaw’s just across the Camel Estuary.

Nantwich, Cheshire

Nantwich is known for its delicious Chesire cheese and to be able to sample it is more than enough to visit this town. But the truth is, the cheese is just one of the many gastronomic attractions that Nantwich has to offer. For centuries, this town is known as the centre of Britain’s salt industry. Like Ludlow, Nantwich also has an annual food and drink festival that is held every September where people can choose from over 2,000 dishes and beverages, many of which were sourced from the town itself. The town also holds a monthly farmer’s market that are visited even by people from out-of-town.

Saffron Walden, Essex

If you are looking for premium cheeses, freshly-baked cakes and high quality organic fruits and vegetables then Safforn Walden in Essex is the place for you to go. The town also boasts of independent food stores and eateries in the Rows that has been around since the medieval times. You will surely be delighted by the sight of old timber-framed buildings in the area.

Sherborne, Dorset

Sherborne is known for its many boarding schools. For parents, one of the reasons for enrolling your sons in one the schools in this town is for them to sample the delicious food that can be bought in one of the many eateries located in the town centre. Sherborne is also home to top-notch pubs and family-friendly restaurants. Once-a month, the town also play host to a popular farmer’s market.

Kelso, Scottish Borders

Kelso in the Scottish Borders is the place to go if you are looking for Aberdeen Angus beef, ginger wine, smoked fish, venison, fudge, and Scottish cheeses. You will surely be overwhelmed with the choices present at the monthly farmer’s market in this town that is near the confluence of Teviot and Tweed. The town’s annual fair attracts people from miles away.

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