Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Asia

Largest among the continents, it is no wonder that Asia houses many of the top travel destinations. Not only do places in Asia satisfy travelers’ eyes, it also gives them an ample taste of the place’s history and culture along with the numerous adventures various places here can offer. There are loads of great travel agents who specialise in organising trips and holidays, so shop around for your next vacation. For some inspiration, listed below are ten travel spots in Asia, in no particular order.

singapore travel in asia


Singapore perfectly exemplifies that balance between maintaining a green space amidst modernity brought about by skyscrapers. Singapore is very remarkable for its diversity in culture. To name some there are Chinese and Indian cultures.

Singapore is a must visit primarily because it is a paradise for shoppers. Apart from this, it has many architectural works of art to boast along with mesmerizing gardens. Travelers may also come and visit for the sole purpose of trying out its magnificent cuisine.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is probably one of the cities wherein the traditional meets pop culture. This is because it has maintained well the ancient temples where travelers can wander but also have downtown Tokyo to offer the classic karaoke bars. Although the city might seem crowded, Tokyo is undeniably a hit district which offers a wide range of food choices like sushi and noodles.

Seoul, South Korea

From Buddhist temples to beautiful skyscrapers, Seoul has got travelers’ backs. One of the famous destination here is the N Seoul Tower, built at the peak within Namsan Park. From there, travelers can indulge in the entire city scene. Aside from the view, visitors will also enjoy not only incredible meals but also great nightlife here.

Bali, Indonesia

You will be surprised at the number and diversity of travelers this well-known paradise accommodates. Bali, Indonesia is famous for its palatial oceanfront resorts. Travelers have also testified about their satisfaction with the spa treatments and incredible cuisine. More than these, Bali has many temples and naturally made tourist spots such as an active volcano in Kintamani.

Hong Kong

Aside from Disneyland, this little island has more offers for tourists. In Hong Kong, visitors will be able to enjoy delicious dim sum, visit its famous floating islands and of course its beautiful skyline.

Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is known for being Thailand’s largest province. For quite sometime it has attracted travelers and has climbed its way on the list of top vacation spots in Asia. Although there are a lot of beaches to choose from, there is a premier beach and resort at Patong Beach. Wonderful and priceless sunsets are some of what these beaches can offer aside from water adventures and coastal restaurants.

Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi, the famous Vietnamese capital, is set apart from other Asian country capitals because the French and Chinese cultural influences are very observable. However, rather than being a mess, Hanoi is a beautiful collage of the influences and the local culture. This city houses majestic lakes, numerous boulevards and over 600 temples and pagodas.

Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto is the place to be in Japan. Aside from being the financial and political capital of the country, Kyoto offers most of the best in Japan because it houses many shrines and temples. In fact, there are 17 of which are UNESCO World Heritage sites in this city.

Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital, is such a beauty surrounded by a valley which shows quite a number of historical attractions of the country. Up to date, there are already seven UNESCO world heritage sites present in this city. Aside from these sites, travelers will be happily entertained as to how the locals are very welcoming.

Beijing, China

Having been China’s capital for a very long time, Beijing shows off many sights which embody the imperial past of the country. More than the Great Wall, temples and city squares, Beijing is also visited because of its bountiful shopping districts. One’s trip to Beijing would not be complete without going to its lively outdoor markets.